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We are well-renowned Roofers in Maine, holding reliability, credibility and trust of the customers. Our roofing services are of high-quality. We are the most reliable and cost-effective roofers in Maine. Out of several roofing companies in Maine, we are the most acknowledged ME roofers in Maine. Our clienteles rely on us for the best roofing Maine. Over the past few years, we have built-up a significant relationship with our clients and serve according to their needs. We know what our customers expect from us. Additionally, we also understand our customer’s financial restrictions. Therefore, our services are pocket-friendly and trustworthy.

Our Portfolio

We invite you to take a look through our portfolio of recent roofing in Maine and New Hampshire. We have experience with a wide-range of roofing services for properties that range from residential, to commercial, to condominium buildings.

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Exceptional Roofing Contractors in Maine

On the other hand, services of Roof Masters are genuine and authentic. We take pride in serving our clienteles and meeting their demands by offering complete roofing solution. Our Roof repair services in Maine are wide-ranging and serve clients for various construction works. We deliver a thorough roof inspection and provide full estimation of the roofing ME. Despite many roofing companies in Maine, we have the best qualified technicians. We provide roof repair in Maine, restoration, construction, installation, and replacement services to our clients. We are regarded as superlative ME roofers Maine. Our services are preferred for its high-quality and integration of innovative ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can new roofing be done over the existing roof?

A- Yes, in order to save money, people go for a new roofing Maine over the top of the existing roof. As it will be expensive to remove the older ones, dispose of it off and the place the new ones. Therefore, new roofing Maine can be easily done over the older one.

Q.How much time will the entire process take to complete?

A- Well, our team completes the task in a day or two. Nevertheless, it completely depends on the architectural design and size of the home. It can probably extend up to a week or two weeks.
However, when we will send our professional with a quote at that time, we can provide the proximate time of the whole process. We know that you require the entire process to finish soon with optimum value. Therefore, we make every move just in the right time as well keeping up with the quality standards.

Q.Will you protect my home siding as well along with roof work?

A-Completely, we will entirely cover up the sidings of the home and as well as the landscape, so that we can protect it. Nonetheless, many ME roofers Maine or contractors could not keep up with protection and damages the other parts or exterior of the house while repairing the roof. Often, by mistake or dropping of the equipment, shingles, nails, etc. it happens. The protection is provided to the clients on their special request. Additionally, our customers can call us for the protection of any special area of the home.

Q.What is the process of the delivery of the roof material and where they are kept?

A-Our suppliers schedule the supply of the materials for delivery two days before the commencement of the roofing ME. The roofing ME materials are placed nearby to the home, but off the driveway so that it will be convenient to get access to the parking or garage. Therefore, we make a request to keep the driveway unoccupied on the day of the delivery of the materials.

Q.Should I suppose to be at home while the roofing work is in progress?

A-Not really, mostly people like better to be out of the home while the roof repair work is in progress as it is quite noisy. At the time of installation of ridge-vent system or interior designated work or rotted wood needs to be removed then only, we need to access inside the house. However, some owners actively participate in the decision and like to be there at the time of work.

Q.Should I move the items in my home to save from damage?

A-We recommend you to do so and shift the stuffs at safe place, as hammering and other roofing me work cause vibration in the entire framework. Therefore, items in the home should be secured from falling or damaging. It mainly includes fragile items of glass, paintings, pottery that are just hung on the walls. However, everything is not affected such as things kept in cabinets. But, be careful of the expensive items that is placed and is in danger.

Q.Which underlayment felt should be used?

A-A Felt Paper is a vapor barrier as well it disables the oils in the shingles to leach out in the wood strata such as plywood or OSB roof deck. Therefore, #15, 20, or 30 will be enough for the shingled roof. However, it is mainly recommended on the roof slope. Two layers #15 are recommended for the slopes, which are less than 4/12. It reduces the possibilities of leaks. On the other hand, a single layer of #15 or #20 felt for the slopes ranging from 4/12 to 6/12. However, the slopes, which are over 6/12 will need a layer of #30. The steeper the slope is simpler it will be to slip and tear the felt apart. Although, #30 is heavier, therefore, on steeper slopes, it needs not to be slip and tear it easily.

Q.Will my attic get the debris and dust accumulated?

A-Yes, the small debris will be collected in the plank board, or the plywood cracks in the attic. The dust and debris will fall because of the installation of the ridge-vent system, movement and banging. Therefore, dust falls off from the ceilings of the roofs. Hence, we suggest you to cover the items stored in the attic.

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Roof Masters has proudly been serving the residents of New Hampshire and Maine and all USA’s Counties, for several decades. Find out more about our great services below.

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